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With life, dreams are born, Beyond dreams lie our Destinations, With destinations are sight barriers, Barriers help us to gather courage, With courage, we get the faith And those who move forward With perseverance- ALWAYS WIN. The global goal of education to envision “Education for all” not merely in terms of acquisition of LEARNING SKILLS but most importantly LIFE SKILLS. Our children need to armed with the power of distinguishing between the right and wrong, with the ability to demarcate knowledge attained with the wisdom gained, through education. The dire need of the present times is to equip them to transverse the unexplored global terrain with ease, strengthened by values, ethics, confidence and above all positivity. Our outstanding team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff, with their experience and expertise, cater to the needs of each child.  An aura of positivity and confidence is created by etching the “you can do it” attitude deeply and firmly on their young, impressionable minds, with utmost are and love. “ To bring forth a new generation of confident, independent, aware children and eventually  WORLD CITIZENS!!!”

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  • H L Convent School is a place where a child grows, physically and in knowledge no doubt, but most importantly in curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, patience, resourcefulness, resilience and understanding.